Heralding Imminent Changes

With the change of season comes Back to School and a perfect season for parties

My favourite number 1 Son is starting reception in September. He will be going to one of the most reputed infant schools in our area. I’m excited for my little man, but I’m also terribly nervous all at once. I am nervous about the changes that are to come, how will he cope with school? How will I cope with the new arrangement? I honestly have no idea. I’m yet to join the WhatsApp group for parents who have kids in same year. I know I will join eventually but I keep putting it off, it probably isn’t helping that I just finished S1 of Big Little Lies.

Planning parties has always been exciting for me, it’s one of the few things I do effortlessly. Hence with all the changes going on I am super excited about my first little lady party coming up end of September.

I guess you can say that September is a month of change for everyone. Of course, amidst all these changes happening in September, the seasons will also be changing. The Summer’s hot and harsh heatwave will give way to cool and breezy Autumn. 

Since I’m in the party planning business I must tell you that Autumn is a great time for parties. September affords us the possibility of switching things up a bit party wise. 

Depending on the weather, garden parties are still going to be an option this month. One of the most important things to consider when planning a party is the venue. One of the biggest things to consider is indoors or outdoors? Seeing as Autumn is fast approaching, outdoor parties will be relying very heavily on the weather.

However, even if the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor parties, indoor parties can also be had. In fact, I believe the theme comes alive even better when using an indoor venue. There are a couple of things that can really make a party come alive in an indoors venue. Some of the things I’m excited about include balloon garlands and giant size balloons. These offer you the chance to change a venue by creating multiple types of indoor experiences for your party. The balloons can be hung overhead in different exciting patterns and draw people’s attention upwards. They can also be used to create patterns on the ground, like creating a garden out of balloons.

Also, when considering indoor venues cost needs to be taken into account. Not everyone can afford to pay for the very glamorous, Kardashian-type party venues. However, that should not deter you from throwing a truly fabulous party. If a mega venue is not within your budget we can more than spice up where you’re using. Regardless of your venue, we can make it look extremely stunning for your party. Also, not only are we able to make your venue look truly glamorous, we do it all within your budget.  

The ways of brightening up and changing your party’s venue are really endless. From a balloon garland feature, to giant balloons dotted all around in unique patterns. A beautifully patterned dessert table, tastefully decorated chairs and tables with themed props. Brilliantly done lighting, cake table backdrop, bouquets of fresh flowers tastefully arranged. Any number of cost-effective ways can change any party and party venue into something worthy of Hollywood glam. You don?t have to feature all in your party, it?s about focusing on one or more and making it look absolutely spectacular. Budgets should not be allowed to rain on your parade. And we’re here to make sure you have a truly awesome party despite your budget.

So, don’t be afraid if you’ve got a party coming up and your budget seems a bit limited. We’re just a call away. And we can get about the business of helping you throw the most awesome party ever. 

September is a month of changes, and changes are usually greeted with fear. However, do not be afraid, September is just a month like any other month. And to get to September you’ve had to go through eight months already, you’ll go through this one just as successfully.

So smile! And ride into the month of September on the wings of past victories. Live! Love! Laugh!

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